This two day program is designed to focus on the role of leadership in creating effective change that leads to higher student achievement. Participants will ..

This highly motivational, fast-paced, results-oriented leadership course is uniquely designed to strengthen your leadership skills in all facets of school impro..

This academy, provided exclusively by the North MS Education Consortium,is specifically designed for new and practicing school administrators.This academy is for novice and other practicing administra..

It is an awesome opportunity for NMEC to bring Dr. Todd Whitaker to MS for a one-day motivational and instructional seminar on school leadership. All administrators are encouraged to attend.Dr. Whitak..

Learn the components of a comprehensive assessment used to evaluate students for dyslexia.This workshop will address a wide range of skill areas and the reasons for assessing each of these areas. Part..

The Spring NMEC/NISL Conference will focus on the recruitment, induction, and retention of high quality teachers and teaching. Our current vision in MS and the nation is to see a high quality teacher..

Employee Discipline in an Education Environment is a research-validated leadership staff development program for administrators and supervisors seeking to manage staff conduct and/or productivity c..

Do you spend so much time focused on 3rd-5th  and then 1st and 2nd grades that sometimes Pk and K don't get the attention they need?Let us assist you in..

One in five youth ages 12-18 are living with a mental health condition. For teachers, this means that in a class of 25, five students are impacted. This 8-hour course provides teachers, administrators..

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