Fee: $100The goal for this module is to assist school leaders in creating a collaborative environment to implement a system of balanced assessment that emphasizes the productive use of&..

Objectives for this training:Participants will be able to write effective goals based on school wide data.Participants will be able to use data for school improvement, including principal and teacher ..

In this two day session, participants will engage in the “Leading Professional Learning:  Building Capacity for Sustained Practice”Simulation developed by WestEd.  Through the simulation par..

This course is designed to increase understanding about the structures and conditions that support student learning. Chief among these are quality professional development, techniques for collaborativ..

The intent of this project is to provide quality research-based training for entry level administrators in the State of Mississippi, and to offer relevant professional development for career level edu..

Participants have a chance to explore, at a broad level, the importance of creating a personalized learning environment and the various strategies that make a difference. The icebreaker consi..

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