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The Mississippi Department of Education is working with the North Mississippi Education Consortium (NMEC) and The Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning (GCSEL) at the University of MS to sup..

The Students with Disabilities Institute is designed to increase the capacity of school leaders to improve instructional practices that will lead to higher performance by all stude..

For Gulfport School District Staff OnlyThe Instructional Programs Department along with the Technology Department will lead a day long training on how to survive the jitters of the first day of scho..

Participants will explore methods for engaging students in meaningful work, clarifying limits, facilitating student choice, and encouraging accurate communication.For more information or to regist..

This module explores seamless integration of transitions, routines for handling materials and supplies, and performance of noninstructional duties. Participants will explore how to encourage stude..

This module emphasizes the foundation for creating a classroom of mutual respect, care, and trust. Participants will explore the qualities that characterize effective, caring teachers and identify..

This module examines how and when teachers should provide information about student progress and the instructional program to families. Participants will explore how to successfully engage familie..

Participants will analyze needs and make adjustments to ensure a safe physical classroom environment. They will examine appropriate resources for classroom and student use, furniture arrangement c..

This module explores activities and assignments that promote deep learning, engage all students, and encourage students to initiate or adapt activities to enhance their understanding. Participants..

This module explores how teachers can use questioning to advance student learning. Participants will discover how to ask insight, appraisal, summary, and evaluation questions that encourage studen..

In this module, participants will implement and evaluate various instructional strategies such as project-based learning and active learning to promote engagement and participation in the classroo..

This module examines the foundations for managing student behavior. Participants will explore how to uncover causes for behavioral issues, learn about their students, and set expectations for le..

This module focuses exclusively on types of learning activities that promote deep learning aligned with the goals of the lesson and allow students to exercise some choice.For more information or t..

Volunteers and paraprofessionals can make substantive contribution to the classroom environment. Participants will acquire the skills to support volunteers and paraprofessionals, including develop..

This is an ONLINE WORKSHOP! This self-paced, online workshop will consist of a series of mini video clips, reading assignments, application exercises and formative and summative assessments.Onc..

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