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This course provides a contextual framework for understanding what students may be experiencing through their own substance use or the impact of substance use around them.  The course provid..

This course discusses the identification of physical, emotional, and sexual  abuse; the impact of abuse on the behavior and learning abilities of students; the responsibilities of a teacher ..

This course provides a developmental framework for understanding what students are trying to tell you through the "language" of their behavior.  The course teaches behavioral techniques and inter..

The course is designed to help you achieve a better understanding of Autism and Asperger's Disorder, of intervention strategies to enhance communication and learning, and of methods for teaching more ..

Objectives for this training:Know generalizations from research and recommended classroom practices related to the nine categories of instructional strategies.Understand how the research on instruc..

Fee: $100The goal for this module is to assist school leaders in creating a collaborative environment to implement a system of balanced assessment that emphasizes the productive use of&..

Fee: $100.This OSL Module will provide participants with knowledge to help teachers align their students assignments and student work to meet rigorous standards and improve student performance.OSL Cre..

Fee: $100Upon successful completion of this training, school leaders will be able to lead a school-based or district teem in the planning and implementation of a comprehensive process that will increa..

The purpose of presenting at the NMEC is to share lessons learned in the piloting of science items and the link between item quality, assessment results, and school accountability. ELS Student Mult..

The Developing Brain: Talking about Brain Architecture that Controls Emotional and Social Behavior and Learning  Dr. Pat Levitt, Senior Fellow, Center for the Developing Child at Harvard Universi..

Objectives for this training:Participants will be able to write effective goals based on school wide data.Participants will be able to use data for school improvement, including principal and teacher ..

This is a monthly meeting for EMCED member district 6-12 grade administrators to collaborate and network.  ..

During this two and a half day training participants will learn how to build systems necessary to provide Tier 3 Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. Systems include, but are not lim..

This course provides information on the history of the disorder, accepted methods to assess and identify students with the disorder and various treatment methods that are currently being used to treat..

The MDE, Office of Special Education, Division of Instructional Support is offering an engaging, hands-on regional training that will focus on Part C to B transition.  Participants will be pr..

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