Being an administrator can be an exciting yet overwhelming responsibility.  Whether you are a building administrator tasked with being the instructional lead..

This two day session will look at how to be an effective leader. How to promoting student ‘s academic success and well-being. Take a look at discipline scena..

Lessons in School Personnel, Critical Conversations, Code of Ethics, Difficult Staff Issues, and the Professional Growth System.In this session, partici..

Setting up a District/School Budget, Federal, State, and Local funds. Understanding your budgets...we will assist you in understanding the basics of functions and..

The focus is the school leader acting strategically. During the two days, participants will consider the importance of a clear mission, a measurable vision and sh..

In this two day training participants will explore how to  promote student academic success and well-being while navigating your role as the school..

Effective educational leaders strive for educational opportunities and practices to promote each student’s academic success and well-beingThis training is offered..

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